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Billabong Alexander, purchased for $20,000 at the 2013 Billabong bull sale

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Parawanga Droughtmaster Cattle Stud Qld

PARAWANGA (stud number 736) and KENMAY (stud number 1755) DROUGHTMASTER STUDS

Karen, Ayla and Rob Scanlan have been breeding droughtmaster cattle on properties in coastal areas of Queensland, Australia, since 1990. We currently run our stud herds as well as a commercial herd on 2400 acres at Mt Tom, near Miriamvale, along with our Kenmay stud. The Kenmay property has an annual rainfall expectation of 40 inches. The soils are very sandy and nutrient-poor all over the undulating block which has a 3 klm frontage to the Baffle Creek.

We have selected for all the best Bos Indicus attributes of survival in heat, drought, flies and ticks and all the best Bos Taurus attributes of good temperament, fertility, milking and muscling combined into the one 50/50 package. Good frame score with longer legs and correct structure is important to us, as we want our cattle to be able to walk long distances in inland Australian areas. Tick loads are high to extreme along the coast, and we have kept a high Bos Indicus content in our herd to cope with the ticks with minimal use of chemicals. We also minimise chemical inputs through the use of rotational or cell grazing, fly tunnels and diatomaceous earth flybags. Animal welfare is also a high priority for us, and we select strongly for tractable temperament and use low stress stock-handling techniques and humane veterinary techniques. All of this means that any breeding animal you buy from Parawanga should cope naturally with any environmental stresses very well and be a pleasure to work with. We aim to sell around 40-60 bulls annually at 2 levels only, being either high quality breeding herd improvers or top quality stud sires. They are selectively bred right on the coast and grown out in paddock situations to perform well in any environment.

Memorable moments:

  • Show winners- Gympie & Roma grand champ DM bull (Down Under)
    • Rockhampton 2017 grand champion cow (P Pearl, with calf by P Fitzroy)
    • Beef 2009 Billabong Neon group 5th out of 18 in sire's progeny
    • Caboolture Supreme Champion of all breeds (U-Beaute)
    • Brisbane Ekka Junior Champ DM bull (Down Under)
    • Maleny grand champ DM and junior champ trop interbreed bull (Big Boss)
    • Reserve champ trade steer  at Gympie Show
    • Grand champion Bos Indicus female at Maryborough 2007 (Capella)
    • Champion junior Bos Indicus female at Maleny 2007 (Barambah)
    • Laidley 2008 senior reserve champ cow (Capella) and senior champion (Barambah) Champion breeder's group
    • Maleny 2008  champion heifer (Barambah) for the second year running, Res Jun Champ (Dimora)
    • Woodford 2008 Jun Champ Bull (Wynnum), Grand Champ Cow ( Capella)
    • Toogoolawah 2008 Supreme champ bull (Wynnum)
  • Sale success-
    • Carpentaria sold to Brant Betteridge, Mt Wilga for $17,000
    • Hawk sold to Blue Valley for $10,000
    • Gibson sold for $9,000
    • Parawanga Ay Yarwun sold for $12,000 in 2019
    • Parawanga 1015 sold to repeat buyer Albert River Wines for $7,700 in July 2020
    • Sarina2 sold to Calioran stud $5,000
    • 2016 Seven bulls sold at DN for $50,500, topping at $10,000 for P Logan to Homer and son.
    • Down Under sold to Tapiola stud $11,000
    • Squatter sold to Granbalang stud for $7,000
    • Reckless sold to NSW for $7,000
    • Anzac Legend sold to G-Elen stud for $5,500
    • Semen sold to 3 Australian states and overseas

Genestart logo DNA testing

    Feed Efficiency4.  Maximum scores of 8 stars out of 8 for sires Cungelella High Flyer and P. Anzac Legend. They grow well in EVERY climate.

    Tenderness4.  Very high scores of 5 and 6 out of 8 stars for sires Mountjoy Saxby , Billabong Neon and P. Anzac Legend. They produce more TENDER BEEF.

    Marbling4.  Scores adequate for EVERY BEEF MARKET with 2 and 3 out of 8 stars for Saxby and Neon

Breeding On Success- Excellent progeny of P. DownUnder, Cungelella HighFlyer, Billabong Neon bred by Red Hill, Calioran, Tapiola, Vitwood, Renner Springs, Wirigai, Gympie High and Palmyra studs.               

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